The Saga Continues #7 Reflections Part 2 (Mech Pilots)

The stunning conclusion to our one shot Reflections play-through! Who will be the victor in their showdown of mech vs mech combat? Derek’s character of Gamble and his Steelskin Ruby mecha? Or will it be Ernie’s character of Blackbolt and his Ziggy Paradox mecha? Listen to find out!

The Saga Continues is a bi-weekly actual play podcast! For more on us, check out our links below!
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Gamble – Derek
Blackbolt – Ernie

Music Credits

Chou to Bara no Tsumi to Batsu by Trial & Error
Vocal: GUMI, Satou Sasara
Words / Music : Sakagami Souichi

Game by Trial & Error
Words / Vocal: B’nemo
Music: Sakagami Souichi

“Darkness in Uptopia”, “Another World”, “At All Costs”, and “A New Dawn” by Finley Burch
Check out his Youtube Channel here!

Music by: Sirius Beat – My Story


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