The Saga Continues #6 Reflections Part 1 (Mech Pilots)

Due to scheduling conflicts this week we won’t be continuing the story of our D&D 5e actual play. that’ll pick back up soon. In lieu of that, we decided to return to one of our favorite RPG’s — Reflections by Jim McClure! We trade in swords, shields, and magic wands for giant robots and a grudge to settle.

The Saga Continues is a bi-weekly actual play podcast! For more on us, check out our links below!
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Gamble – Derek
Blackbolt – Ernie

Music Credits
The Saga Continues Theme – Indifferent by AKnewGod

Check out the video here!

Chou to Bara no Tsumi to Batsu by Trial & Error
Vocal: GUMI, Satou Sasara
Words / Music : Sakagami Souichi

Game by Trial & Error
Words / Vocal: B’nemo
Music: Sakagami Souichi

“Darkness in Uptopia” and “A New Dawn” by Finley Burch
Check out his Youtube Channel here!


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