The Saga Continues #2 The Last of Them

Welcome back to the second episode of the Pixels & Papers actual play podcast! This week we find out what that floating creature is that we encountered last episode, discover the town we were seeking is silent but deadly, and embark on a veritable comedy of errors while trying to wander the mist worn world of Infyurna. We hope you enjoy our antics as the saga continues!

The Cast

Derek McElroy as The Dungeon Master

Ernie Carothers as Lokran Bonejaw

Adam Schifani as Amon

Jason Merrill as Rolland

Music Credits

The Saga Continues Theme – Indifferent by AKnewGod
Check out the video here!

Character Intro Music – Oberon’s Ambush by Marcus Neely

Polperro Theme – The Chamber by Kevin MacLeod

Battle Music – Anti Hero by Sirius Beat

The Saga Continues is a bi-weekly actual play podcast! For more on us, check out our links below!
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